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Specialized company of develop & produce Rechargeable battery pack

Neonix co ., Ltd

neonix is the specialized company of develop & produce a Rechargeable battery pack which newly born in 2007 based on excellent technical professionals and sales forces who have more than 10years of experience in the domestic battery sector. The global battery market's established order is becoming newly reorganized due to the environment and raw material problems, and the application area's expansion and technological development are rapidly accelerating with various types from small toys to the power supply of electric cars and large generation facility, etc.
Hereupon, neonix, with motto as total technology services support of rechargeable battery pack is satisfying the client's diversified and gentrified requirements by get the best quality cells supplied from Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Japan, China, etc and develop and produce an optimum battery pack which is suitable to client specification through the systematic developing system and rigorous quality control. neonix promise you that We'll become a rising star in the battery pack market with technical development and rigorous quality control now and forever, and growing as the specialized company of put top priority in client requirement and quality.

Company Summary

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Company name neonix Co., Ltd
Location (Main 1 plant) 154-56, Sanho-daero, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
CEO ChangHwan-Song
Factory area Land size – 3465 m3 | Building area -2457 m3
Foundation June 2007
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