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Rechargeable battery pack

We provide an optimum power solution to products that clients want to use, by customizing the specifications of the battery from project to production with all the requests of clients.
Separately classify the cell array, circuit system, and external structure by requirements of products

Cell array structure

Classify by number of Cell's series + parallel
Ex)3S2P:3cells in series / 2cells in parallel
Lithium-ion cell
Lithium polymer cell
1S~20S + 1P~10P
(3.6V~48V / 1Ah~20Ah)

Circuit system

Classify by product feature as General
circiut which contains the only
function of the protection circuit,
and the integrated circuit
which is complexly
integrated multi-functions of circuits.
Ex)General circuit / multiple circuit
General protection circuit
Smart circuit
Control circuit
charging circuit

External structure

Classify by external
materials od product
Ex)Soft Pack / Hard Pack
Soft Pack
(PVC Tube Packing)
Hard Pack
(Plastic Case Packing)
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